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Brad Fain Announces New MultiMedia Division to Support Economic Development


To All –

Prescott Valley is coming alive with new downtown apartments called Homestead Talking Glass, a re-energized Event Center under the entertainment expertise of NBCUniversal’s Spectra management, new businesses and first class events like the 2nd AMA Annual Rough Rider 100 Race of Champions taking place again in our Town.  This year, as we celebrate Prescott Valley’s 40th anniversary, our Town’s growth and image are complemented by recent reports that Prescott Valley is now both the fastest growing and safest town in Yavapai County.

Signals of new hope, new growth, and new opportunities for all can be seen everywhere. So, it is time. Time to celebrate all the new voices, businesses, events and developments taking place in a region we so dearly love and call home. It’s time to focus on the positive not pessimism. It’s time to encourage debate, not debacle. It’s time to promote growth, not grief.

My brother Ron and I along with Jeff and the entire Team at the Fain Signature Group invite you to celebrate “Signals” – www.SignalsAZ.com , a Talking Glass Media publication. It is time that Prescott Valley has a voice of its own. Info and stories centric to Prescott Valley will come alive while important issues in Arizona and nationally that may affect our region will be covered. We look forward to promoting events and entertainment, creating forums for debate and discussion, and helping to create a lifestyle full of memories and family.

We are creating a space where the good in life, people and our community can be shared. Our vision with SignalAZ.com is to be a positive voice in the region, a place where we can give back to others – a rich, diverse platform where you can share how you are making a positive difference. We are working to tell life’s stories, what good things businesses are doing, the happenings around the region and the vast ways all of us, each day, do our part to make Prescott Valley and the region a great place to live and make a life. I invite you to take a look at the good that is happening all around us on SignalsAZ.com .

– Brad Fain, President, CEO –  Fain Signature Group, Publisher – Talking Glass Media LLC

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