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Fain Signature Group Celebrates Growth of Digital Offerings

In 365 days, Fain Signature Group‘s publishing division Talking Glass Media, LLC (SignalsAZ) has built a multimedia website, published 1,838 stories, posted 894 events, produced 102 videos and sent 26,781 opt-in newsletters.

First, many new to the region may ask, “Who are the Fains?” They are Prescott Valley’s founding family and have been ranching in the region since the 1870’s. Fain Land and Cattle and Rafter Eleven Ranch headed up by Ron Fain are still driving strong to this day.

Signals AZ


Then, some may ask, “Why would a community builder and ranching family get into running a multimedia website?”

Quoting Brad Fain, CEO, Fain Signature Group, “SignalsAZ – Talking Glass Media is a natural extension of our commitment to community. Our family has been providing residential, commercial, and industrial real estate offerings since 1960. As we approach 60 Years of community building (2020), providing a digital offering to the community just makes sense. These days, creating a place where families and businesses can thrive includes thoughtful planning both in the real world and the digital world. This digital offering supports our region’s businesses and provides our community a voice while generating economic activity. We are grateful to our community partners and advertisers who have chosen to invest in a positive message for Northern Arizona.”

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