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The beginning of the Fain Land & Cattle Company, originally known as Dan Fain Land & Livestock Company dates back to 1917. Granville (Dan) Fain ran more than 65 different cattle outfits throughout the Verde Valley, and became known throughout Northern Arizona as “King of the Range”. With the purchase of the Rafter Eleven Ranch, it became the headqarters for all of the Fain Operations. At its peak, the size of Rafter Eleven was breathtaking, stretching across and well beyond all of today’s Prescott Valley—running from the west side of Granite Mountain, east to Mingus Mountain, and from the Bradshaws on the south to north of the Jerome Highway in Lonesome Valley.

Today, the cattle ranching operation is smaller than in the past, but it is still a large part of the family’s industries. The ranch can support a 500 head Hereford based cow/calf operation and the stock is still raised using more sustainable practices – free ranging, grass fed, pesticide free cattle that is healthier for the environment, the livestock and the dinner table.

Starting with William and Carrie Fain in the 1870’s, four generations of Fains have been ranching and farming this land for their family, neighbors and the greater community’s livelihood. With almost perfect weather to both farm and ranch, the land gives them food and water, beauty and the desire to protect these resources for the future generations. While all four generational leaders of the family had other interests, they all came back to the land and cattle, their home, and the family’s destiny.


Dan Fain