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Our leaders are highly respected and experienced in the industry and lead with action.

To ensure the success of our ventures, we cultivate employee engagement and professional development to guide the firm toward building a sustainable future.

Meet our Leader

Current Appointments

President and Chief Executive Officer
2014 – present

Chairman of the Board, Zenith Bank & Trust
2023 – present

Young Presidents Organization Gold
2022 – present

CEO global
2022 – present

Co-Chair Cabinet YMCA for Prescott Valley
2021 – present

past Appointments

Board of Directors Foothills Bank
2020 – 2022

Board of Directors Mojave Bank & State Bank
2019 – 2020

Young Presidents Organization 2012 – 2022

Past Board & Chair Prescott Area Leadership

Past Board & Chair Central Arizona Boys & Girls Club

Brad Fain

President and Chief Executive Officer

A higher purpose is what drives me. As a builder of community and positive media publisher, I commit to creating a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. Someone once said, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and in a sense that is Fain Signature Group’s goal in a nutshell. What is good for the community is good for our business, and we approach every project with this mindset.

At our core, we are a legacy-focused company that seeks to leave a positive impact through our work. We are humbled by the opportunity to create sustainable and thriving communities that future generations will enjoy and continue to contribute to its future success.

As a leader in this industry, I recognize the mantle of responsibility that comes with the work we do every day. Simply put, we must strive to set the standard for ethical and sustainable development. We want an equitable landscape that is inclusive and embraces the diversity of the people that call our valley home. At the end of the day, our work is not just about designing buildings or creating media. It’s about being better. It’s about leaving a positive legacy that we can be proud of, and it’s a privilege to do this work every day.

Our Leadership

Ron Fain

Director of Sales and Marketing

Anessa Andrews

Director of New Development and Construction

Oren Clarke

Chief Financial Officer

Guy Roginson

Director of Talking Glass Media


Fain Signature Group
1993 – Present

President, Fain Land and Cattle

Founding Member, 100 Men Who Care of N. AZ.
2019 – Present


Ron Fain

Director of Sales and Marketing

I am a 4th generation Fain — and am humbled and grateful for those who pioneered this raw and untamed country ahead of my arrival. It was a back-breaking endeavor, with time, energy, and resources, grit, and determination that created a place to not only raise a family, but to live life to the fullest. We are blessed by those that took the gamble and followed, seeking opportunity, peace, and a new start at writing their own story and longstanding legacy.

Each day at Fain Signature Group, a modern-day group of pioneers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries gather to extend this legacy to future generations who want to live that same dream. To make their home and invest in a community that has a bright future, and a unified purpose of family.

My commitment is to continue to create a space where others see opportunity for themselves and their family. A place where we can offer support and that hard-won knowledge from our family to yours. And in the event, we don’t have the answer, we will find out who does. That’s why the seeds were sown for our Signature Series: A table and time to have the expertise we all need from the entrepreneur, professional, and pioneering visionary. Our community goals are universal, our methods innovative and empowering. We began with serving you and your family. Now it’s time to look towards the horizon together.


Whiskey Off Road Bike Race
Prescott High School Marching Band
Wildland Firefighter Foundation Charity Event


Sterling Ranch Board of Directors.
Prescott Unified School District Education Foundation
Central Arizona Partnership

Anessa Andrews

Director of New Development and Construction

It was in my late twenties that I fell in love with construction and development. Though not my initial path, it quickly became the driving force in my career. Passion is what drives me to deliver the highest quality of products — whether commercial buildings to residential multi-family complexes, my expertise spans the entire project lifecycle. From initial planning and design, to procurement, execution, and final project reveal. My goal, which fits in the Fain family tradition, is to create a collaborative work environment that promotes only positive project objectives.

Professional goals aside, Prescott Valley is my home. I treasure my family and place great importance on community activism and support. I teach my family those values as well. Sometimes, we just have to roll up our sleeves and get a little dirty from time to time.

It isn’t hard to do the right thing with the right people.


Volunteer Leadership – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1976 – Present


Boy Scouts of America – Commissioner, Scoutmaster

Board of Directors – Lake Las Vegas Master Association

Board of Directors – Southshore Residential Community Association

Oren Clarke

Chief Financial Officer

I am a proud dad of four kids and sixteen grandkids. I have had the privilege of raising and nurturing my children, providing them with guidance and support. Parenthood has taught me valuable lessons in patience, responsibility, and the importance of fostering a loving and nurturing environment. I believe that I bring that experience to the table at FSG.

With over four decades of experience in real estate accounting and financing, I have done it all. From financial management, budgeting, and investment analysis to I now assist and facilitate financial support for FSG’s goals and ideals of community development. We need affordable housing, restaurants, shopping, places to let off steam, and workplace opportunities. We also need the arts, entertainment, and charitable organizations to enjoy a well-rounded and open, inclusive community. It is my personal commitment to oversee these financial aspects with integrity. It is my work to develop trusting relationships with our banking and financial institutions.

I am also passionate about the other side of community building. A good community steward seeks weakness and then strengthens. I find those in need and do my best to assist by volunteering and giving locally. It’s about family and community.

Guy Roginson


Fain Signature Group
2017 – present

Board Member, Arizona State Board of Education, CTE Quality Commission
2023 – present

Volunteer, Arizona State Board of Education, Industry Advisor, Media Curriculum
2021 – present

Planning, Marketing Committee, 100 Men Who Care of N. AZ.
2019 – present

Co-Owner, Thunder Mountain Rescue Ranch 501(c)(3)
2017 – present


President, Board of Directors, Humboldt Education Foundation
2019 – 2023

Board of Directors, Big Brothers Big Sisters
2021 – 2023

Co-Owner, Specialized Publishing – PrescotteNews
2015 – 2017

Owner, Inventist Media
2011 – 2015

Board of Directors, Prescott Airport Users Association

Ad hoc Committee Member, Prescott Area Tourism

Guy Roginson

Director of Talking Glass Media

For over 20 years, I’ve been in publishing and marketing. Technology and the web replaced the standard mass marketing paradigms of television, magazine, radio, and newspaper advertising with brand communities through the click of the mouse or the touch of an iPhone. 

Who would have thought community building would be the future of marketing? Who would have thought that community building would have such an enormous impact on our quality of life and economy? And who would have thought that helping to build a community through positive multimedia would take on a significant role in Central Arizona?

That’s what Talking Glass Media (TGM) is all about. A technology-based company making a great life for all through publishing positive stories, events, videos, and podcasts. TGM now reaches throughout the Southwestern United States.  What we are doing with our web, data, streaming, outdoor media, and print platforms is no different than what our parent company, Fain Signature Group, has been doing for 60+ years on land– building community and working hard to make a great life for all.

A great life, indeed.

Meet the Team

Fain Signature Group has succeeded by carefully selecting its team.  We only employ the best, brightest, and proud professionals who are dedicated to humbly serving the community. These people possess a wide range of skills and talents that bring a projects to life.

Our Founder

“I am vitally interested in seeing Prescott Valley mature to a point where it
can support all the amenities that people would like to have. That will require
continued leadership with a good understanding of the business community
and strong businesses that can survive the economic cycles that come and

Prescott Valley must continue to make an expanded job base and
development of water resources a top priority. A solid business base is crucial
to Prescott Valley having independence from resources such as government
money that comes and goes as the economy cycles, and to having the money
for amenities to improve its quality of life.”

Norman "Bill" Fain

Jan 20, 1938 – August 26, 2016

I wish to be remembered for my integrity, my efforts, and for providing opportunity.
– Bill Fain


Our founder was the third generation of the Fain Family who settled the Verde Valley in 1874. Arizona was only a territory few would agree to settle on, but the Fain’s did just that. Bill grew up on the Rafter Even Ranch working the land and livestock while beginning to develop his vision of Prescott Valley. While at the University of Arizona, he earned his degree in Finance and Business Economics and there he fully realized what a community needs: jobs, industry, affordable housing, and services. And with those basic goals Fain Signature Group was born.

Bill was part and parcel in ensuring the land he loved was protected–keeping greed and short-cut land speculators at bay—selling only to those who had plans to share about their developments—working with developers, financiers, and the government to breathe life into the Valley with those who would enhance and also protect the magnificent land. Promising the town would be a boon with its endless vistas, and almost perfect weather, businesses like Better Built Aluminum, PrintPak, ACE Hardware Retail Support Center, Hensley Distribution, Canyon Distributors, Superior Industries, and Mountain Valley Rehabilitation, flocked to the area and located in Prescott Valley. Jobs sprouted, families blossomed, and housing became a dominant industry. Bill prioritized ensuring the land he loved was protected by keeping greed and short-cut land speculators at bay.

Bill paid his success and love of the Valley forward with gifts of his land: 100 acres for Fain Lake and Park (which includes the Fitzmaurice Ruins), 45 acres for the ACE Hardware Distribution Center, 65 acres for Bradshaw Mountain High School, 20 acres for the Prescott Valley Civic Center, Library and Police Station, Land for a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, and 4.5 acres for a police shooting range.

Bill lives on everyday in Prescott Valley due in full to the positive image his life has been on the residents of the Valley. A legacy indeed.

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