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Resilient. Committed. Always Innovative.

From farming and cattle ranching to building community; the Fain mission has never strayed— to create a good life for all in the community.

For over 140 years in Arizona alongside our neighbors, with a bit of providence, a lot of hard work, skill, and innovation— this Valley is living up to its potential.

What we create together will bring impactful societal value for generations to enjoy and prosper individually, as a family, and as a community. It’s also why we never
stop visualizing or improving the pathway toward a future for all.

Evolution of Innovation

Over a century ago, our family put down roots in Lonesome Valley. We farmed crops, raised cattle, and began the stewardship of a wild land with endless possibilities. With time the landscape has
evolved but not our commitment to sustaining that which sustains us— the land and its resources.

The Fain Family Foundation is a philanthropic organization deeply rooted in our history of always giving back and taking care of others. From gifts of land to create a town, to regional events, the Fain Family Foundation focuses on community needs and making a great life for all.

Signature Series was developed for business leaders and industry experts to gather and share knowledge, insights, and perspectives on the most pressing topics impacting us all today, in business and our personal lives.

Talking Glass Media (TGM) is a publishing company and multimedia network comprised of digital, streaming, outdoor, and print media offerings. TGM was founded by Fain Signature Group to provide a positive view of the region, its residents, and events.

Our in-house property management company does not have a “we’ll get back you” policy. Rather we provide tenants with quick response times for requested services, on-site maintenance and leasing professionals, connection to local vendors and service providers to make your office run while you run your business.

Community Design with Intention

Everything we do is in service to the community and making a positive difference for the people of this valley.

Simply put: We prioritize all the needs of our community and the environment at the top of the Fain Services Group to-do list by imporating inclusive, diverse, and equitable spaces in fostering growth and attracting opportunity.

Over 100 years, we have used our Social Capital to amplify a collective community voice, generate positive media, and inspire others to live this beautiful life with us.

Our Commitment

We know whether we contribute to public organizations, local businesses, charities or non-profits — it is the only way to focus on the entirety of the community as it is now, and to prepare for future generations.

A Legacy of Community Giving

Through our founders’ gifts, more than 200 acres have been donated to non-profits, health care, and educational institutions throughout the valley and region.

We started by gifting one-square mile of grazing land to Love Field in 1918, and we haven’t stopped yet. Prescott Valley Civic Center was a beneficiary of land for the public library, police and fire departments, Findlay Toyota Event Center, Yavapai County Fairgrounds, and Yavapai Community College.

The land along Lynx Creek was purchased in 1955 by the Fains and deeded to the Town for a park. Additionally this provided for the preservation of the Fitzmaurice Ruins, along with the rehabilitation of the Barlow-Massick “Castle” and building of the Chapel of Valley in 2002. These gifts are used equitably by all in Prescott Valley and the region.

This culture of giving encourages and empowers our employees and partners to be emissaries for all. It is guided by the tried-and-true belief that everyone benefits when we give back to the community.

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