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Fain Family Honored With “Others Award”

The Fain family has been instrumental in building the area of Prescott Valley; which is one of the fastest growing communities in the state.

2018, the Fain family was honored with the “Others Award”. Salvation Army founder William Booth once sent out a simple word via telegram that the organization has stood by for decades-“others”. The will to help others through food, a bed or faith has guided the organization throughout the world and in Prescott, specifically, for the last 125 years.

While striving to help others, the Salvation Army also recognizes those who carry out a similar mission with the annual “Others Award.” “The others award recognizes folks that are active within the community and have made impacts for the community by their work and donations as well as their time,” Salvation Army Major Guy Hawk said. “The Salvation Army recognizes not only work with the Salvation Army but within the community.”

Ron Fain (center) accepts the Salvation Army “Others Award”.

What Has Made The Fain Family Successful

Ron Fain, Head of Business Development for Fain Signature Group, mentioned the Fain family has been successful for four generations due to the mission of helping others reach a common goal.

“Our success as a family really stems from not looking inward, but looking outward,” Ron Fain said during the speech. “I watched my father over and over help others create opportunity and possibility in the community, inside the vision he created. He knew it took a community to build a community,”

Through land donations to organizations, community support and helping the Salvation Army with their endeavors, Hawk says the Fain family was the right choice for the award. “Take a look at the history of Prescott and Prescott Valley, the Fain family are an integral part,” Hawk said. “We wanted to recognize them for their great work in the community.”Being in the area for a combined 269 years, the Fain family and the Salvation Army look to continue the vision of growing a community by helping others

“We see the Salvation Army as building community one meal at a time and we see ourselves as building community one handshake at a time,” Brad Fain said.“Together, we can build community in the future and we look forward to our continued partnership with the Salvation Army.” “To the organization, the members and all the volunteers of the Salvation Army, congratulations on 125 years of giving and serving the communities of Arizona,” Brad Fain continued.

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