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Brad DeSaye and Brad Fain Talk Second Amendment on “Living a Good Life”

Brad DeSaye, Owner of J&G Sales in Prescott, AZ, joined the Living a Good Life podcast, hosted by CEO of Fain Signature Group, Brad Fain, to educate on the history of the Second Amendment, what it means, and why it is important for you and your family to Live a Good Life.

As a local owner of a family business, Brad explains the rich history of J&G Sales and how the Prescott gun shop came to be. He goes into depth on his rifles and pistols of choice as well as his knowledge on the history of the Second Amendment.

“My parents moved the family business here in 1977, and my twin brother and I bought our parents out in 1994; I bought him out in ’07, so we’ve been at it a long time. We love the firearms business, and it is something we really enjoy. The second amendment is really important to us, and we support it every chance we get.”

You can find more information on J&G Sales, products available, deals, and store information at JGSales.com.

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