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Closed for Business: No Housing, No Workers

It is Friday, December 15th, a beautiful evening for a dinner out! You drive down the street to your favorite restaurant. Excited for a delicious dinner, you make your way from the parking lot to the restaurant when you notice two other Prescott Valley residents walking away from the restaurant. To your surprise the door is locked at 5pm on a Friday. Then, you notice the “We’re Hiring!” sign on the door…

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When asked what the biggest challenge his employees faced within the community is on the Living a Good Life podcast, Skyler Reeves, Proprietor with Vivili Hospitality Group, had one simple answer, “places to live.”

“I think the number one thing is availability and the affordability [of housing units],” says Skyler.

We’ve heard time and time again from our business owners that not only is it difficult to find employees, but it’s even more difficult for the employees to find housing. But that’s okay, you’ve never waited to be served at a restaurant, been through an automated check-out, or waited months for a doctor’s appointment. Right?

The Common Denominator: Housing

The common denominator in all these conversations leads back to housing. But to be clear, there are really two facets to the housing crisis. The affordability of rents and mortgages and the inventory shortage. The supply and demand imbalance causes many issues beyond the price of the home. Families are also struggling to find homes within a reasonable commute to work, school, and medical services, homes with the right amount of space for their family, and homes that fit their family’s needs.

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Providing more homes for these individuals will allow our service industries, emergency services, and medical staff homes to live in our community and serve our community. This is the vision for projects like Inspiration at Cottonwood and Lakeshore650 by Fain Signature Group. These projects will work to put homes within reach for employees in the Quad Cities and many local businesses.

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