Let’s Bust $100,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Central AZ

Boy and Girls Club Vote online

Vote Online Now And Raise $$$ For the Boys and Girls Club

Even though tickets are sold out and almost $90,000 has been raised to date through the Dancing for the Stars Event taking place this April 21st, you can still vote online to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Central AZ.

Go to¬†https://www.dancingforthestars.net/bradfain/, and place your vote!! You can donate $5.00 or more. Let’s bust $100,000 for our kids!

Listen online to our latest podcast on Ranchland Radio with Brad Fain, Joe “Nacho” Baynes, and Gerald Szostak as we talk about the Boys and Girls Club, Dancing for the Stars and raising money for the kids.



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