Latest Signature Series Discusses Rural Healthcare

This month, Fain Signature Group hosted our quarterly Community Signature Series, a business event where professionals have the valuable opportunity to network with other business professionals, learn from keynote speakers, and gain a deeper understanding of the future of their industries.

This quarter’s event featured speaker Carol Q. Galper, EdD, an advocate and leader in rural health care. The topic of discussion for this Signature Series was rural healthcare and the challenges associated with recruitment and retention of physicians.

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Have you had experience trying to get an appointment with a doctor lately? Chances are that you were scheduled months out for an appointment or waited in a waiting room for quite some time before the healthcare professionals were able to see you.

Why is this occurring now? We are dealing with a current shortage of medical staff. One of the biggest issues that makes it increasingly harder to recruit medical staff to the area is the lack of attainable housing. With limited housing available and even less attainable housing options; there are few options for our doctors, nurses, and medical staff to live in our community where they want to build careers, raise families, and contribute to our community.

A local Prescott Valley resident states, “My husband and I have to commute to Phoenix for specialty healthcare. We have to drive an hour and a half to see a neurologist in Scottsdale.” For example, after calling the Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s Neurology Department, you will find that it will take you a few months to get an appointment with a neurologist.

Stories like this occur every day from Prescott area residents struggling to find adequate healthcare to health care professionals commuting unreasonable distances to work. The healthcare industry needs our support as a community.

Creating attainable housing options is one step in the right direction to inviting medical personnel into our community. Fain Signature Group is working to design with community attainable housing in our region to help meet the demand for homes that meet our needs. These homes would be suitable for the region’s healthcare providers, teachers, firefighters, police & sheriff, and workforce. You can learn more about the most recent vision for attainable homes and how you can help at

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