Community Preparedness Fair

Annual Community Preparedness Fair to take place Saturday, October 14, 2017, Harkins Theater Parking Lot, Entertainment District TALKING GLASS

There are occasions when incidents happen and response teams are more than 15 minutes away. There are also occasions when accidents can happen in a split second and need an emergency response. Sometimes, we need to take matters into our own hands and be prepared for any unpredictable scenarios, whether it’s going for CPR training in Scarborough or attending his community preparedness fair.

Starting at 10 am on Saturday, October 14th, the annual community preparedness fair will be taking place at the Harkins Theater parking lot, just north of Buffalo Wild Wings, in the Entertainment District TALKING GLASS. There will be dozens of booths and demonstrations, showing what people should do if ever they find themselves in an emergency situation.

Booths and Demonstrations will include:

  • Stay-alive tips from Central AZ Fire
  • Infant, youth and adult CPR instruction
  • Need-to-know emergency first aid
  • Search & Rescue experts reveal do’s and don’ts
  • CERT min-emergency response tips
  • Secrets of emergency food storage
  • Wet / dry pack canning
  • HAM Radio – how to get trained and licensed
  • Dutch oven cooking made easy
  • How to make a water purification kit
  • How to build a 72 hr grab and go kit
  • How to make and use a solar oven
  • See the Prescott Valley Police Mobile Command Center (cool!)
  • What documents you need in an emergency
  • The real scoop on solar powered generators
  • Learn pet & livestock emergency care
  • Best emergency gardening tips and tricks
  • How neighbors can prepare together
  • Do-now tips for financial preparedness

community preparedness fair

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