Celebrating 60 Years of Community Building, Fain Signature Group offers Free Holiday Video Cards

Celebrating 60 years of community building in Prescott Valley, and as a way to celebrate the holidays, Fain Signature Group (FSG) is offering free holiday video cards for businesses throughout the region. This is the second year FSG is offering free holiday video cards to businesses in the region through FSG’s multimedia arm, Talking Glass Media.

“This is a great way for businesses to reach out to their customers and the region to wish all a happy holidays. We are thankful to the entire region, the residents, businesses, the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Prescott Valley for all the support and collaboration in building a community for all,” says Ron Fain of the Fain Signature Group. “Follow the prompt in the video below to schedule your holiday video card. Happy Holidays to all!” (Or call now: 928-277-1911 or email Austin: [email protected])

Recently, the Fain Signature Group was honored by the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce  with the Community Improvement Award for FSG’s development of Homestead Talking Glass Apartments.  This award is given in recognition of the development or improvement of real property in Prescott Valley. Now, Homestead is over 96% leased and the most well appointed residential rental community in town and the first multifamily community of its kind in downtown Prescott Valley. See more: https://www.signalsaz.com/articles/fain-signature-group-earns-community-improvement-award-for-homestead-talking-glass-apartments/