Our History

In 1874 William Marion Fain brought his bride, Cary, west to homestead along the Verde River. That course of action has forever linked the family name to the Arizona territory now known as Prescott Valley. Five generations since William began raising livestock on his small ranch known as the 3%, the Fains are still here.

Raised on the core values of hard work, determination, integrity and ingenuity, the Fains have always been dedicated to investing in the community that has taken root in the wide expanse of the sunlit, big sky landscape once called Lonesome Valley. Their success and longevity is testament to their innovative thought and dedication to a lifestyle in harmony with natural resources.

From the dusty, rugged realm of farming and cattle ranching, the Fain’s horizons grew as broad as the valley. The family tree planted in Arizona’s soil has produced community leaders and builders, schoolteachers, philanthropists and of course, more cattlemen. Throughout the Fain family history, every endeavor has been linked to the love of the land and dedication to the community.

In an age when relatively few family dynasties have survived beyond the third generation, the Fains have already demonstrated remarkable longevity. Each generation of this family has been blessed with a strong leader, and each has shown determination to persist and succeed…

Author Dean Smith

from his book,‘The Fains of Lonesome Valley’ (1998)